Executive Protection Services exist to protect the client from harm, embarrassment and inconvenience at all times.  Executive Protection Services provide safety to a client during their daily schedule, during travel or when they are at a specific location.  EP services provide intelligence and information to the client, manage the overall security of the client and can also provide a trained medical response if needed.

There are several aspects to Executive Protection Services: Personal Security Assessments, Threat Detection, Travel Risk Assessment and Secure Transportation.

Personal Security Assessment: Designed to evaluate potential risks that a client may encounter on a daily basis.  These risks can be personal risks or business risks.  It may be identified as a risk to a child or other member of your family or it could be a workplace threat.  EPIC evaluates and assesses your entire lifestyle scenario to determine where you are vulnerable and how to reduce and eliminate that vulnerability.  The Personal Security Assessment process involves an in-depth examination of every facet of a client’s life;   personal contacts, business contacts, travel patterns and more.  EPIC completes their assessment and provides recommendations to the client on how they can advance their safety and security.

Threat Detection: Prevention is the safest way to avoid problems and minimize a security threat to an individual or corporation.  The most effective approach to Threat Detection is to detect the criminal while they are researching their target using the intelligence gathered to prevent an imminent attack.  EPIC personnel use proven surveillance detection techniques to determine if there is the potential of crime present and what steps to take to prevent the criminal act.

Travel Risk Assessment: Executive Protection Investigative Consultants provides Itinerary-Specific Travel Risk Assessments for individual travelers, corporate travelers of national and international companies and corporate flight crew members that travel around the globe.  Our Travel Risk Assessments are distinguished by the specificity of the information and the relevant details of the assessment.  Information can include details on the most populated streets, restaurants and tourist areas as well as those locations that are targeted for crimes against foreigners, potential dates and times of civil unrest in the area and instructions on protecting proprietary information against corporate espionage.  Real-time information on location stability can be relayed to the client on a consistent basis via email and/or text.

Secure Transportation: Executive Protection Investigative Consultants recognizes that in our environment today people are overwhelmed with everyday tasks.  They should not be concerned for their safety as they move from location to location. EPIC drivers are required to complete Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute’s Intensive Driving Program in order to serve our clients. EPIC is one of the only companies in the United States that can provide this caliber of driver protection.  We employ expertly trained security drivers that make travelling confident, safe and secure for the client.

Our Secure Transportation Service is available on a personal level for an individual or their family as well as on a corporate level for CEO’s.


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