Executive Protection Investigative Consultants LLC introduces a new service designed to keep our corporate clients and their employees secure in the workplace. Threat Recognition and Response Training (TRRT) provides our clients and their employees with training for real world threats. EPIC consultants will come to your business, interview you and your employees, complete a site security survey, and develop a plan designed to provide your business and employees with custom solutions in a constantly evolving world.

Corporate Security Survey

Should the worst happen at your place of employment, do your employees understand the three absolutes?

  • How to call 911 immediately, stay in contact, provide real-time intelligence information.
  • How to slow the threat down using your physical resources.
  • How to think on your feet.

In immediate threat situations there are only three options:

  • Run
  • Hide
  • Fight

EPIC can provide your business and employees with the information, technical skill, scenario-based training, and qualified professionals needed to secure your most important assets: your customers and employees.

Home Security Survey

Executive Protection Investigative Consultants LLC introduces an innovative home and family personal protection planning service. The Home Security Survey will provide you with experienced and qualified professionals in your home to train you and your family in how to secure your most valuable assets.

The Home Security Survey includes:

  • Technical review and recommendations of electronic alarm systems existing and upgrade.
  • Review or establishment of an emergency evacuation plan in the home.
  • Review or establishment of an emergency consolidation plan for those times when your family is separated by school, work, or leisure activities.
  • Technical review and recommendations of standard home security elements, landscaping, lighting, doors, windows, and locks.
  • Establishing, building, and stocking a ‘safe-room’.
  • Special service to our executive clients. Are you or your family at risk outside the home? Is personal security a viable option for you, or do you require training in counter-surveillance techniques?

Following is an innovative new component of the Home Security Survey for our concealed carry permits holders/clients with firearms in the home, or those who desire either.

  • Our qualified and experienced armed professionals will instruct you how to consolidate and ensure the safety of your family during an armed home invasion, robbery, or burglary.
  • Instruction on how to work with family members who are not experienced with firearms.
  • Instruction in the home is scenario based.
  • Advanced personal instruction in weapon handling and survival techniques for pistol and rifle.
  • Personal concealed carry weapon certification for non-permit holders.
  • Weapons familiarization training for family members who are not shooters, take the mystery out of the firearm and avoid tragic firearm accidents in the home.

“It is better to have and not need than need and not have.” Don’t leave your family defenseless in your own home!


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