Due to a continued rise in gun violence across America, Executive Protection Investigative Consultants, LLC (EPIC) is offering tailored Threat Recognition and Response training to churches, schools, and businesses to help prepare staff members to respond to worst-case-scenario situations.

Training by our team of experts (including highly-certified former police officers and military personnel) includes both armed and unarmed intensive instruction in planning and response for active shooter events.


Why Train?


Unfortunately, in the face of an active shooter event, chaos typically ensues.

The quote, “Under pressure, you do not rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training” (attributed to a Navy Seal) is only too true.

After a shooting event like the one in Parkland, the news media reports on the number of injured and deceased. They ask open-ended questions like, “What could have been done to prevent this?”

They fail to provide a strategy for prevention, however. The news media only offers a view into the aftermath of a crime scene where no clear strategy was in place. They fail to point out how many lives might have been spared had such a strategy been in place.

The question should never be, “What could have been done?” The question should be, “What can we do?” The answer is Threat Recognition and Response Training. With the proper training, many lives will be spared that would otherwise be taken.


Who Needs This Training?


It is important to identify a team of willing and capable individuals in your congregation, school, or workplace that will form your active response team.


What Will the Training Entail?


  • Scenario-based training
  • Active-shooter drills
  • Firearms training
  • CPR & First Aid training
  • Surveillance and counter surveillance training
  • Security survey


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